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Golf BallWMS Golf Spring 2022

Welcome WMS golfers! I am excited to have everyone out for golf. Golf is a challenging, life-long sport, that can be rewarding and frustrating all at the same time. At WMS, our golf team prides ourselves with honesty, integrity, and hard work. During the season, we will not only work at improving our game but at also learning the rules and etiquette.


  • All golfers will show respect to fellow competitors and the golf course.
  • We will handle ourselves in a manner that shows class and represents our school well.
  • We will have fun while maintaining a safe environment. Clubs can be dangerous!
  • Golfers will follow all eligibility requirements set by WMS.
  • Golfers will turn in an accurate scorecard.


All players will need the following equipment – Golf clubs, golf balls, tees, ball marker.

Dress code for tournaments – Collared shirt (Blue polo prefered but not mandatory), golf pants or shorts (no jeans), proper foot wear (no boots). Optional – rain gear.



Our first practice will be Monday, March 28th. Our practice days are Monday through Thursday except on tournament days.

Our practices will start 7 AM at the Wheatland Middle School. 

All golfers should dress accordingly for weather conditions. We will have some cold days!



Tournaments (10 AM start times)

Tournaments have two formats of play. The format that a golfer will play will be determined by their skill level. Some tournaments will have limits on how many golfers can play. In the event that we have a tournament where player numbers are limited, golfers will be chosen based off of score, their ability to navigate a golf course in a timely manner, and knowledge of the rules.

April 8th – Sundance

April 22nd – Douglas

May 2nd – Guernsey

May 9th – Wheatland

May 16th – PV Casper