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WMS Discusses ATV Safety

Posted Date: 06/22/2021

WMS Discusses ATV Safety

Wheatland Middle School: Educating Students in All Aspects

     Students at ATV PresentationThe teachers and students at the Wheatland Middle School were able to partake in a presenation on ATV Safety on Friday, April 19th. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Office reached out to WMS and offered to provide this presentation at no cost to the students. We felt that our students were exposed to ATVs throughout their home experiences and we wanted to ensure that they had some safety knowledge when operating those vehicles. The presenation also included a demonstration on the simulator. Thank you to Mrs. Darnell (WMS Teacher) and Mr. Lockman (parent) who were willing to be involved in the presenation on the simulator. This is another opportunity for our students to Reach the PEAK!


Teacher and Students on Simulator













Lockman on Simulator

Students at Presentation 2     Students at Presentation 3