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UW Math in the Classroom

Posted Date: 03/15/2019

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     This school year, the Wheatland Middle School has been focusing on the math content and ensuring our students have the foundation for high achievement. We have partnered with the University of Wyoming’s math department with the help of Dr. Rick Kitchen. During the school year, we have been meeting, along with WHS, Glendo, and Chugwater’s math departments, and focusing on using models in the math classroom. This strategy is something that really assists students with their math skills development and allows for visualization of math concepts. There are multiple ways to approach math problems and using a model is a great skill to have if you are stuck on what the problem is asking. See below for an example problem:Fraction Model Problem

     On Monday, March 11, teachers were able to work in classrooms with WMS students in all grade levels to see how they approach fraction problems. The situation could have been overwhelming for our students with all the adults that were in the classroom but our students kept moving right along. Their willingness to share their work with adults and also with their peers was outstanding. They were not hesitant to show their thinking or accept suggestions from their peers.

     There are two more days left for this professional development at the end of the year and I hope to see great results from this process. Go Bulldogs!