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Posted Date: 03/15/2019

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     The Wheatland Middle School was proud to host a BMX Crew on the last day of the third quarter. Our students have been working hard and it is great to experience some interests of our students. The crew, Forward BMX, put on a great show in our gym and you should have seen the videos our students were taking! I am sure your student showed you the great tricks the riders accomplished. The riders talked about how they found something they were interested in and focused their attention on that activity while focusing on school. It was a nice message for our students to hear.

     Our students were also able to volunteer four of their teachers to be part of the show. These brave teachers, Mrs. Velikaneye, Mrs. Darnell, Mr. Kapptie, and Mr. Montoya were the lucky ones that were jumped over. Mr. Montoya was on the end until the other rider decided to up the stakes a bit and jump over five people.

BMX Jumping Teachers

     Our kids loved it and we were happy the middle school from Glendo was also able to attend this assembly as well. We do our best to support our students as they Reach the Peak! Go Bulldogs!!

Slow-Motion Video Credit to Nolan S.