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How many teaspoons to a tablespoon?

Posted Date: 02/07/2019

Sixth Grade Life Science Works on Measurements and Equivalencies

Students Measuring     Students in Mrs. West’s Sixth Grade Life Skills class have been working on various units of measurements. They have been discussing the age-old question of how many teaspoons to a tablespoon and they have the answer!! Along with learning about measurements and the proper measuring devices for various ingredients, they are ultimately working on equivalencies. Students are beginning to understand the connections between ounces and pounds, cups and pints, and quarts and gallons (along with the various components in between). This class under the direction of Mrs. West also reinforces technical reading and math content that students are learning in their other content areas. These cross-curricular concepts and projects provide students with the understanding that what they are learning in math class has implications in other classes.



     The fun part about learning about measurement and equivalencies is that you get to make mug cakes! Students had multiple choices of which mug cake to make with Mrs. West. Tough to beat having your cake and eating it too!

Girls MeasuringClass Measuring Ingredients