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Platte County #1 Advances at Regional Science Fair

Posted Date: 02/07/2019

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Platte County School District #1 Students Advance at Regional Science Fair

February 2, 2019, in Casper, WY

      Students from Platte #1, representing Wheatland, Chugwater, and Glendo, took to the road early in the morning on Saturday, February 2, to travel to Casper for the Regional Science Fair. The students had fine-tuned their projects and were guided by their respective science teachers from their schools. The students were able to represent their schools and themselves in a great manner and really showcased their commanding knowledge of their projects. Below are the results of their efforts in Casper. These students advance to State Science Fair March 3-5 at the University of Wyoming.

     Ms. Graves received the 2019 Outstanding Science Project award sponsored by Duraline. She received a $100 gift card to assist her to further develop her project.

District Placing School First Name Project Title Regional Placing
Animal Science        
1 CJH Megan Striding Out 2
2 WMS Maxx Egg-cellent Parasites 3

Behavioral Science

1 WMS Jacey Love Thy Stage...Love Thy Self 1
2 WMS Rylee Isolation Nation 3
2 WMS Savanna Isolation Nation 3
3 WMS Austin Art Intrepretation 2
1 WMS JohnPaul To Chill or Not to Chill 3
2 WMS Chelsea Chromotography of Vegetables 2
3 WMS Katelyn Reducing Sugars 1
Health Science        
1 WMS Jayden Stress and Everyday Acoustics 1
2 WMS Caden Left Handedness 2
1 WMS Raegan Dissolving Glass 2
3 WMS Tracen Voltage Effects on Copper Electroplating 3

Computer Science

1 WMS Aric Darth Vapor: May the Humidity Be With You 1
2 WMS Shayne I Need a /BR 3
3 GJH Tyler Holy Hydraulics 2

Earth and Environmental

2 WMS Hayden Keepin' It Thawed 1
3 WMS Desire Porosity of Different Types of Soil 2
1 WMS Jadea Moo Poo Project 1
2 CJH Ethan Heavy Metal 2
1 WMS Katie What Meat Should You Eat? 2
2 GJH Angulina Fibonaci Sequence 1
3 WMS Gabe The Perfect Pass 3
1 WMS Dalton Methane Production in Cyanobacteria 2
2 WMS Colten This Cheese is Smoking 1
3 GJH Tanner Microbiology 3
1 WMS Collin Killer Tech 1
2 WMS Jorge Force and Frequency 3
3 WMS Mekayla Drops on a Penny 2
Plant Science        
1 WMS Hadley Do You Have a Healthy Pulse (crop)? 1
2 WMS Ryland Effet of Salicylic Acid on Gas Exchange Rate 3
3 GJH Tess #NAME? 2

Pictures are in no particular order

Student Award 1

Student Award 2

Student Award 3

Student Award 4

Student Award 5

Student Award 8

Student Award 6

Student Award 6

Student Award 7

Student Award 8