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Breakfast Bash: Respect

Posted Date: 01/04/2019

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      Recently the Wheatland Middle School hosted their second quarterly Breakfast Bash! This event was planned by The Breakfast Club, a multi-disciplinary team of educators and staff at the middle school. This event recognized a group of 20 students for showing exemplary Respect, according to our Citizenship rubric.

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To show Respect in school, students are expected to show a high level of cultural understanding and tolerance for the uniqueness of others, champion discussions to resolve differences, be active listeners, and show a high regard for property, others, and themselves. Teachers and staff at the middle school were asked to nominate 20 students that showed these behaviors. These students were then invited to a breakfast to celebrate their accomplishment, along with their parents, guardians, or other people that were important to them. A member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Darla Teter, spoke about Respect, its foundation in American values, and the importance of young people and adults to understand why to demonstrate it.Breakfast Club 4

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       In March, at the end of the third quarter, teachers and staff will again be asked to nominate 20 students who show exemplary Work Habits to attend the Breakfast Bash. Students who have excellent Work Habits are those that are independently industrious, consistent in coming to class prepared, are well organized, meet deadlines, and consistently meet class expectations with high-quality work. Again, a speaker from the community will address these exemplary young people about the importance of Work Habits in life.

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Congratulations to those that were honored at the Breakfast Bash on January 4th and a tremendous, “thank you!” to everyone who helped support these young people in learning how to show Respect. To the Daughters of the American Revolution: thank you for the muffins and your support! The Breakfast Club is excited to see the nominations for the next Breakfast Bash to recognize students that demonstrate amazing Work Habits. All of us have a small piece in supporting our young people in this community, keep up the great work! Go Bulldogs!