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WMS Algebra I Class Victorious in Online Math Competition

Posted Date: 12/12/2018

Math Bracket

The Wheatland Middle School Algebra I class chose to compete in an online math competition this semester to test their skills. During the competition, students were placed into a bracket with other teams throughout the nation. The goal of this program was to test the math abilities of our students in comparison to other students in the US. The above picture represents the teams that they played during the bracket competition.

”It was cool to use the math skills that we have acquired throughout our educational career.” Ryland P.

”We were able to use our competitive energy in a productive and educational environment.” Hadley P.

”The competition was a fun and challenging way to push my math abilities.” Chelsea M.

”It was great to see how Wheatland Middle School compared to other schools around the nation.” JohnPaul A.

The championship round was held this week and our students competed against Frederick MS from Winchester, VA. The final score ended up in a tie at 15 a piece and the final tiebreaker went to the amount of time taken to complete the test. WMS submitted their test 9 seconds before Frederick MS and that was enough to collect the win!! With the three brackets combined the class as a whole finished 16th out of 111 schools.

Congratulations Wheatland Middle School Algebra I students on your AreteLabs Online Math Competition Math Madness!

Participants include: JohnPaul A., Grace B., Mylie B., Megan B., David B., Rylee D., Alley G., Hayden, H., Zach H., Collin J., Katie K., Chelsea M., Jacey M., Jayden M., Hadley P., Ryland P., Katelyn S., Kendall S., Riggin V.,  Austin W.

Students 1












Students 2

Students 3

Students 4