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The mission of Wheatland Middle School is to sustain a safe, supportive, and challenging learning community.


If Wheatland Middle School strives to be an exemplary school, it must have a clear sense of the goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to provide, and the contributions of the stakeholders within the school community that each must make in order to transform these ideals and beliefs into reality. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards that Wheatland Middle School should strive to achieve and maintain.

An exemplary school ensures to provide an orderly, inviting climate that enables students to enjoy their middle school experience with a shared sense of pride in the school. In a school such as this:

  1.     There is a conscious effort to treat every individual with respect.
  2.     School rules are based upon a few fundamental principles that provide clear guidelines for school behavior.
  3.     There is an ongoing effort to provide a school that is physically and emotionally safe.
  4.    Members strive to provide an environment that is free of alcohol, drugs, and violence.
  5.     Opportunities exist for high levels of student participation in the curricular and co-curricular programs.
  6.      There is open communication between students, staff, parents, administration, and the central office.
  7.    There is a conscious effort to recognize and celebrate the achievements and efforts of students and staff.
  8.    The physical facilities are well-maintained and meet the needs of the students and community and reflect pride in the school.

In the final analysis, the effectiveness of any school is based on the conduct, character, and achievement of its students. In a school such as this, students are encouraged to:

  1.     Accept responsibility for their learning, decisions, and actions.
  2.     Become actively engaged and give their best effort toward academics and co-curricular pursuits.
  3.     Conduct themselves in a way that contributes to a safe, orderly, positive school atmosphere and ensures the rights of self and others.
  4.    Set challenging goals and work to achieve them utilizing resources (teachers, parents, technology, school interventions).
  5.     Develop the skills to become self-directed learners as they make the transition through middle school to high school. 

An exemplary school operates on the premise that a school can only be as good as the personnel that it employs.  Therefore, the Board of Education is committed to recruiting and retaining outstanding educators who can advance the school and district’s vision. In a school such as this:

  1.     All staff demonstrate their support of and commitment to the school’s mission, vision, and values.
  2.     Teachers collaborate with one another on a regular basis on curriculum, instruction, individual students, and school improvement initiatives.
  3.     All staff have high expectations for student success and work individually and collaboratively to create conditions that promote student success.
  4.    All staff will model the importance of lifelong learning through their commitment to ongoing professional development.
  5.     The staff is proactive in promoting and protecting the school and district’s vision and values.

An exemplary school provides students with a core curriculum enhanced with a variety of elective courses, enrichments, and co-curricular activities. This balanced program engages students in the learning process, stimulates curiosity, and requires students to demonstrate their knowledge and learning. The school articulates the student targets and continuously monitors each student’s progress towards those targets through a variety of indicators. In a school such as this; the educators:

  1.     Guide curriculum and instruction by specific, clearly stated, challenging goals for each grade level and course.
  2.     Stimulate active engagement on part of the students.
  3.     Recognize and provide for individual differences, learning styles, and interests of students.
  4.    Integrate technology as a means to achieve specific curricular targets.
  5.     Monitor and support the academic progress of each student closely, communicate results to stakeholders, and provides for those who require additional assistance.
  6.      Provide assessment for and of student learning that is clear, appropriate, with timely feedback.
  7.    Instructional strategies recognize individual learning styles, result in actively engaged students, and promote independent learning.

An exemplary school requires effective leaders who are able to build a shared vision among the entire school community and serve as a bridge between the current reality and future that is desired. In a school such as this, the leaders:

  1.     Promote and protect the school vision on a daily basis.
  2.     Establish priorities and focus that provide a sense of direction for the school.
  3.     Are committed to continuous improvement and providing the ongoing professional development essential to improving the school.
  4.    Facilitate positive relationships between and among community members, parents, staff, and students.
  5.     Have high expectation for staff success and work collaboratively to create conditions that promote student success.

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