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Calling ALL middle schoolers and our community!!!!

We are already collecting Box Tops for our fall collection.

The deadline is on or before:   October 30, 2019

                          Recycle Image

Thank You to everyone who brought in Box Tops for the fall and spring collections for the 2019-2019 school year.  We collected 1103 = $110.30.  smiley

Be on the LOOKOUT for Bonus Box Tops  !!!

If you bring the Bonus Box Tops to the school or the county library “WMS collection box”, we will enter the online codes for our school.

Did you know that each Box Top is worth 10¢?enlightened Remember Box Tops do have an expiration date. If your family is not already saving them, please do!  Safeway has eBox Tops if you sign up online you can donate bonus Box Tops. The monies help our school library buy more BOOKS!!! Wheatland Middle School Library collects Box Tops all year long and we send them in twice a year. Box Tops need to be turned in to the school before Oct 31 and Feb 28 each year. We appreciate your support,


Box Top Image and Food Product samples with Box Tops

Did you know we also recycle the following items?

We collect the following items year round:

Box Tops & bonus Box Tops

Labels for Education (Campbell’s soups & other food items)

Entenmann’s little bites snack pouches

Ink & Toner Cartridges (only certain ones)

Prang Power Points